A documentary about the rise of startup societies and network cities filmed in Vitalia pop-up city.

what is vitalia

Vitalia is a 2-month pop-up city that will bring together 200 residents passionate about longevity research and digital governance to discuss and build around these ideas.

The project goal is to bootstrap a decentralized city dedicated to longevity research acceleration.


Vitalia was inspired by ZUZALU, the world’s first pop-up city, which hosted 200 residents for two months in Q1 2023 in Montenegro.

The project was envisioned and led by Vitalik Buterin, the billionaire founder of the Ethereum blockchain.

What Are Startup Societies

Vitalia City is one of the projects emerging in the Startup Society ecosystem. 

Startup Societies are organizations that aim to innovate in digital governance, sociopolitical institutions, and new ways of organizing society for the Internet era, including building new Cities from scratch.

Events and Initiatives

Vitalia will be organized around 4 main topics and several residents initiatives.

Longevity & Human Improvement​

Jan 14-20,
Summit: Jan 19

Crypto Cities & Network States

Jan 29 - Feb 4,
Summit: Feb 3

AI & Techno-Optimism

Feb 5 - 11,
Summit: Feb 10

Pathways to Life Extension

Feb 19 - Feb 25,
Summit: Feb 24

The Venue

Próspera Roatán

Vitalia will take place in Próspera, a autonomous city located in Roatán, a Caribbean island in the northern coast of Honduras.

It was established under Honduran ZEDE laws, which aim to replicate the successful governance experiments of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Dubai by granting legal and regulatory autonomy to the administrator of the zone.

Profile of the Residents

The talents coming are mind-blowings and from different backgrounds (development, science, art, business, finance, governance)

Frontier Entrepreneurs
(AI, Crypto, Biotech)





The Documentary

What if cities and institutions were built by startups?

What if it was a startup

Emerging technologies like crypto, blockchains, AI, anti-aging, and startup societies have one thing in common: they pose a threat to long-established monopolies, institutions, and power structures.

No wonder we see an endless flow of attacks, pessimistic news, regulatory pressure, and biased narratives against each one of these innovations.

This is why builders on this new frontier must take control of their narratives and share their side of the story. Otherwise, the narratives will be one-sided.

In a world of culture wars and dramatic power transitions, the truth is often suppressed by mainstream media. Our goal is to shine a light on the reality — that highly aligned internet-native communities have the power to reinvent parallel institutions.

The most important stories in tech innovation are about social transformations.

So, we want to answer a few questions:

What is the role of startup societies for progress and social development?

What is the impact of longevity research for emerging markets?

How do digital and decentralized technologies help underprivileged communities?


Jean Hansen - Producer

Founder at Ipê City, a community of techno enthusiast building crypto villages.

+8 year in crypto/web3 as a educator, researcher and investor.

Write about startup societies at Peerbase.xyz.

Yash Lunagaria - Business

Built and launched products from 0 to 1 with millions in revenue and millions in users as a Product Manager at startups (XMTP, OneTrust, Macstadium) and big tech (Microsoft, Apple).

Luis Gómez - Filmmaker / Director

With more than 10 years of experience, Luis has developed documentary projects internationally in countries such as India, Uganda, Colombia, Mexico, United States, Indonesia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, among others.

He has a great experience producing in scenarios of humanitarian crises and natural disasters.

Michael Holstein - Coproducer

Head of Communication at Charter Cities Institute.

Michael Holstein began his career in Miami, where he wrote for HBO’s The Wire, and worked in marketing and promotions on films such as The Rock and Independence Day. Prior to focusing on creation and marketing of television and video content, Michael worked in music, managing and promoting bands, and co-owning a Nashville-based record label, SuperStar Records.

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